GAFFR is a fantasy football platform that wanted to create the most exciting and engaging experience for football fans, focusing on the EFL Championship. They asked me at Junxtion to develop a brand identity that would capture the essence of fantasy football and appeal to football fans.

Industry: Fantasy Sports
Services: Branding


To understand what makes fantasy football special, I dived into the world of football fans. I explored the culture, talked to people in fantasy football communities, and learned about what they love about the game.

During this exploration, I came across a football commentator's description of these communities as 'inglorious' which stood out to me. It described how people from all walks of life come together for the fun, banter, and excitement of football. This concept inspired me and became the core of our design approach.


Inspired by the idea of "ONE INGLORIOUS TRIBE," I designed a brand identity that reflected the vibrant and inclusive spirit of fantasy football. I incorporated tribal patterns into the visual elements to represent the sense of unity and community among football fans. The logo and colour palette aimed to be bold and energetic, capturing the lively atmosphere of the EFL Championship.


"Working with Marc was an excellent experience. He guided us through a thoughtful and strategic process that helped my team understand who we are and what our brand needed."

Sean.C, Founder